Stories From the Field

Build a Simple Twilio Customer Support Line in 10 minutes

Posted on October 28 2011

Twilio recently launched in the UK supporting 0800 (freephone) and 0207 (central london) numbers so I thought I'd have a go at setting up a customer support line for my company. This post walks you through a simple implementation.


Code Your Own Multi-User Private Git Server in 5 Minutes

Posted on September 30 2011

Following on from last weeks post about Simple Two Factor SSH Authentication this post shows you how to use the same SSH trick to create a multi-user private git server. I believe the principles here can also be applied to mercurial or subversion.


Simple Two-Factor SSH Authentication with Google Authenticator

Posted on September 23 2011

In a two-part post I'm going to show you some tricks you can do with SSH logins. This post covers setting up two-factor SSH authentication with the Google Authenticator app.


Launch: RepoDrop - Private Git Repository Hosting

Posted on September 03 2011

We're proud to announce RepoDrop - Private Git Repository Hosting our first paid product! RepoDrop offers developers and designers everywhere a simple, secure, affordable service to host their Git repositories remotely.


Using the Google Authenticator App with Rails

Posted on June 29 2011

Following on from last weeks post on Two-factor Authentication with Rails this post adds support for the Google Authenticator app for Android, iPhone and Blackberry. The full source code is available on github and there is now a live demo available on heroku.


Two-factor Authentication with Rails

Posted on June 24 2011

Web application security is a hot topic at the moment with the recent high-profile hacks and publication of user email/password lists so any measures that can be taken to further protect users should be considered depending on the nature of your web application. This post walks through setting up two-factor authentication for a Rails application.


Deploying a Rails 3.1 application to production

Posted on May 26 2011

There is a big change to the handling of assets in Rails 3.1 compared to previous versions called the asset pipeline and this can have an effect on your production deployments, more so than any previous Rails update I can remember. Here is a list of the gotchas I came across and how to fix them.